Healing Moves
薬草笛の技Herb Horn0Slightly recovers Palico and player Health.
回復笛の技Health Horn2Recovers Palico and player Health.
真・回復笛の技True Health Horn3Greatly recovers Palico and player Health.
解毒・消臭笛の技Detox Horn1Removes Stench and Poison from self and allies. Also slightly recovers Health.
ネコ式活力壺の技Vase of Vitality1Places a vase that emits a mist that boosts Natural Recovery and heals status.
回復贈物の技Parting Gift2Burrows underground, dropping a healing item behind.
治・ローリングの技Soothing Roll1Heals any abnormal status and allows the user to roll around at high speeds
ネコ式回復壺の技Vase of Recovery1Recovers own HP and restores HP of surrounding players.
キンダンドングリの技Acorn Sacrifice0Restores HP and raises the support gauge in cost of an acorn.
Assisting Moves
応援笛の技Cheer Horn3Raises the Arts Gauge and the Prowler Support Gauge.
鬼人笛の技Demon Horn2Boosts Palico and player Attack for a short time.
硬化笛の技Armor Horn1Boosts Palico and player Defense for a short time.
超音波笛の技Ultrasonic Horn1Makes small monsters flee, and also deals the effects of Sonic Waves.
落とし穴の技Pitfall Purr-ison4Sets up a Pitfall Trap that prevents large monsters from moving.
シビレ罠の技Shock Purr-ison4Sets up a Shock Trap that stops large monsters from moving.
毒々落とし穴の技Poison Purr-ison5Sets a trap that immobilizes large monsters and inflicts them with Poison.
トランポリンの技Trampoliner1Sets up a trampoline that players can use to jump.
オトモ鼓舞の技Palico Rally2Temporarily empowers user and allied Felynes, and keeps Palicoes from slacking off.
こやし玉の技Dung Bombay0Throws a Dung Bomb. (Can be used when restrained.)
応援ダンスの技Go, Fight, Win2Hunter Stamina and Prowler Support Gauge consumption is reduced while dancing.
モドリ玉の技Purr-Caster3Teleports the user instantly back to base camp.
ネコ式広域笛の技Enhanced Horn1Grants Wide-Range effect for Hunters and increases Palico healing horns.
SP笛の技SP Horn2Plays a horn to immediately enter the SP mode.
Bombing Moves
プチタル爆弾の技Mini Barrel Bombay0Tosses a Mini Barrel Bomb at foes.
小タル爆弾の技Barrel Bombay0Tosses a Barrel Bomb S at foes.
大タル爆弾の技Big Barrel Bombay2Rush at a foe with a Barrel Bomb L. (Palico: Fury Mode only.)
大タル爆弾Gの技Mega Barrel Bombay3Rush at a foe with a Barrel Bomb L+. (Palico: Fury Mode only.)
特大タル爆弾の技Giga Barrel Bombay4Rush at a foe with a Giga Barrel Bomb. (Palico: Fury Mode only.)
打上げタル爆弾の技Bounce Bombay0Sets a bomb that launches into the air.
閃光爆弾の技Flash Bombay2Sets a bomb that flies into the air and emits a bright flash.
設置型爆弾の技Anti-Monster Mine2Places a mine that goes off when a large monster steps on it.
設置型爆弾Gの技Anti-Monster Mine+3Places a mine that, when tripped by a large monster, explodes powerfully.
爆・ローリングの技Explosive Roll1Allows the user to roll around placing small bombs on the ground.
ネコ式火竜車の技Rath-of-Meow4Hop aboard a hand-made Meownzer tank and blast your foes with cannon fire!
爆・転がしニャンの技Bombing Ride1Allows the user to ride on a bomb. Deals damage while moving.
Ranged Attack Moves
緊急撤退の技Emergency Retreat1Allows the user to quickly burrow. Health is healed while burrowing.
巨大ブーメランの技Big Boomerangs1Temporarily boosts the size and power of boomerangs. (Stacks with Piercing B.)
貫通ブーメランの技Piercing Boomerangs2Temporarily boosts boomerang hit count and adds piercing. (Stacks with Big Boomerangs.)
隠密防御の技Camouflage1Lowers the chance of being targeted and getting up after getting hit takes less time.
イガグリ大砲の技Chestnut Cannon2Shoots a spiky chestnut from a barrel, with the ability to stun monsters.
電転虫発射の技Shock Tripper2Shoots out a Stagger Beetle which emits a field that makes it easier to knock down foes.
ココ掘れニャンの技Excavator1Digs up all kinds of things out of the ground to chuck at monsters.
メガブーメランの技Mega Boomerang2Hurls a gargantuan boomerang at foes.
設置型砲台の技Felyne Cannon2Creates a cannon where you can shoot yourself out for a certain period of time.
Melee Attack Moves
武器強化の技Weapon Upgrade3Weapon temporarily gains more Attack and Affinity. (Palico: Fury Mode only.)
憤怒の技Furr-ious4Instantly enter Felyne Fury Mode. (Can't use when already in Fury Mode.)
挑発の技Taunt2Diverts monster attention towards the user.
ネコまっしぐらの技Felyne Comet1A thrust attack that shoots forward like a comet and quickly closes distances.
ネコ爪乱舞の技Claw Dance2Performs a powerful series of slashing claw attacks.
しこ踏みドンの技Sumo Stomp1Generates a shock wave centered on the user's position.
ビースト変化の技Beast Mode2Enter Felyne Beast Mode specialized on melee attacks.
強化咆哮の技Power Roar1Releases a roar that grants unique advantages. Also makes immune to stun.
地中まっしぐらの技Diving Attack1Immediately burrows and then jumps out to attack. (Works while being underground.)
鉄・転がしニャンの技Wrecking Ball1Allows the user to ride on an iron ball. Deals damage while moving.
ビースト解除の技Beast Release0Deactivates Beast Mode.
Stealing Moves
ぶんどりの技Pilfer4A melee attack that steals from monsters. (Palico: more Quest rewards from stealing.)
遠隔ぶんどりの技Plunderang4A boomerang attack that steals from monsters. (Palico: more Quest rewards from stealing.)

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